Construction Schedules

It is getting increasingly difficult to keep almost all senior projects on schedule during the construction phase of the projects. Some of the hurdles that impede schedule achievement are as follows:

  • Limited manpower available from most subcontractors
  • Quality of the manpower due to lack of proper training
  • Poor or no supervision being provided by subcontractors
  • Material delivery timelines
  • Poor design documents
  • The number of government inspections and the timing of the inspections due to reductions in the number of inspectors by a lot of government agencies
  • The quality level of most senior projects the last five years has increased to almost a resort level of finish
  • There are ways to help control or help minimize these schedule impacts that The Douglas Company employs on every project:
  • Design check to help prevent drawing coordination issues
  • Put material purchasing based lead times including shop drawing review for all material on each construction schedule
  • Provide and budget adequate Douglas Company supervision to help manage the subcontractors
  • Obtain manpower commitments as required to meet the schedule prior to contracting with every subcontractor
  • Perform quality inspections for every trade to help prevent quality issues from delaying the schedule
  • Conduct a meeting prior to the start of a project with all government inspectors to understand the inspections that will be required and the timeline to expect for each of the inspections
  • Schedule the punch out of the building by sections to help control the punch-list timeline at the end of a project
  • Two week look ahead schedules tied to the master project schedules

The Douglas Company goal is to limit project schedule surprises to our clients which have become a large problem for most of the construction industry.

Brian McCarthy
Executive Vice President, Midwest Construction Operations
The Douglas Company

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