Contributing to the success of our Clients and Associates

Core Purpose and Values concept was coined by Jim Collins in his book “Built to Last.”  In his research, he found that all of the great companies that had lasted a long time successfully had a Core Purpose and Core Values.  Since we aspire to last a long time, successfully, we developed our own.

Core Purpose is your purpose for being.  But more practically, it’s what one gets excited to get up in the morning to do.  Our Core Purpose is “Contribute to the success of our Clients and Associates.” There are two parts to this – Clients and Associates.

Our clients put their trust in us when they hire us, and they hire us to contribute to their success.  We must honor their trust by doing this, and we do, through building quickly & reliably, with quality, adding value, and controlling risk.  From a selfish standpoint, it’s intrinsically rewarding to be part of something successful, and we are excited and humbly proud and appreciative of the opportunities our clients give us to do this.

The associate part is a little different.  We are trying to grow our company, and in fact, have been on the Inc. list of fastest growing companies in the country the last 4 consecutive years.  To do that, we need to grow our people, contributing to their success.  But probably more importantly, if we contribute to their success, they will help us contribute to our client’s success.  All of this is what we get excited to get out of bed in the morning for.  And it works for our clients.

Peter Douglas, P.E.
The Douglas Company

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