Do you want a General Contractor? Or a partner that contributes to your success?

Developers want to bring the best product to the market that they can and do it in the most economical fashion that they can. Understandably so.  That makes for a successful project, after all.  Many pieces are important to the development team which can sometimes be a puzzle to put together.

Especially important is the selection of a General Contractor.  There are of course multiple General Contractors that can help you build buildings.  The Douglas Company strives to be more than just a General Contractor because those can come and go.  We strive to be your business partner, contributing to your success by helping to create beautiful communities for people to call home.

We enjoy nothing more than bringing our 42 years of experience to the table early in your project.  We can help work through initial budget estimates with our extensive experience in the senior living, multi-family and hospitality space.  When we are a part of the design process we work with you and the rest of the team on constructability obstacles, controlling costs with useful and practical recommendations and providing a specific roadmap to get your project completed on time and on budget.

So when you are at the stage of being ready to engage a contractor, keep in mind that you don’t want just any General Contractor.  You want a team that is committed to your long term success by serving as your partner throughout the process and working hard every day on win-wins.  That is a true partner in business.  We would love to hear from you.

Don Diedrick
Director of Business Development
The Douglas Company

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