Managing Chaos

The management of construction projects has become more difficult in the last several years due to the following key factors:

  • Not having adequate, properly trained, manpower available
  • Subcontractors not managing their own work
  • Higher project finish levels
  • Quality and coordination of the design documents
  • Increased levels of local and state inspections
  • Construction material lead times

All of these factors can contribute to project delays if not addressed by the project team through proactive leadership. The only way proactive leadership can have a positive impact on a project is by the project team following processes on a daily basis to help prevent daily emergencies from impacting and delaying projects. The second most important aspect of proactive leadership is increased communication by the project leaders to help create accountability throughout the project team.

Without a clear path to follow when it comes to managing projects, the task of achieving the desired objectives would prove very difficult, leading to chaos. Constraints such as time, resources, budgets, scope, and quality are all too significant to simply pass over without applying processes. The Douglas Company’s Integri-D process provides exactly that: proven processes that help ensure successful results through detailed planning, structure, and organization.

Brian McCarthy
Executive Vice President, Midwest Construction Operations
The Douglas Company

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