Modern Senior Living Communities: Embracing the New

I am continuously amazed at the quality of environments our clients are hiring us to construct and the fantastic services they are providing for our senior population.  Outstanding socialization opportunities, healthy diets, exercise programs, and support for meds and other health issues legitimately extend both the quality and duration of the lives they serve.  But many seniors fight the opportunities to move into these bright, airy, social environments in favor of staying in their dark, lonely homes.  I can say I don’t fully understand this.

As a general contractor specializing in senior living solutions, I have a distinct advantage to see all of the new options available.  The senior living environments we are building today far surpass those of even 10 years ago.  These ‘holistic’ environments are innovative. They not only provide for the medical and physical needs of the individual. They take special care to plan and build spaces that encourage socialization; offer privacy, when needed; and provide a pleasing aesthetics that address the ‘whole’ person.

Whenever I see people who could benefit from these environments, I encourage them to consider moving, but I don’t feel like I have much success.  And it is never the monetary impact that drives their decision.  It is seemingly the comfort of staying in a familiar environment and avoidance of a stigma of being old and unable to take care of themselves anymore, even though they truly can’t.   So for anyone who reads this blog, I need your help.  If you have suggestions on the “why” of this and on how I can convince people to help themselves by taking advantage of what our clients can provide them, please let me know.

Peter Douglas, P.E.
The Douglas Company

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