At The Douglas Company we are all owners. Being an owner is not just about owning stock.  Employee ownership is a mindset. Moreover, an ownership mindset is an integral part of The Douglas Company culture.

Founded in 1976, The Douglas Company embraces our core values:

  • Great client relationships with high customer loyalty
  • Integrity and professionalism in all we do
  • Keeping our commitments through proactive attention to detail and execution
  • Growth of our Associates and Business through learning, teamwork, and leadership

Our culture is built from the exceptional people that make up our organization. When the decision was made in 2021 to become an employee-owned company, the opportunity to combine the legacy of an ownership mentality with an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) structure was a perfect fit.

So what does it mean to be employee-owned? Just what it says; our employees are the owners of The Douglas Company. Being 100% employee-owned means The Douglas Company employees/partners own 100% of the company. Each year, through the ESOP, the company purchases stock on behalf of its employees/partners, allowing them to share in its success.

Employee ownership is a different way of doing business, where all partners’ interests are directly aligned with the company. We are all 100% accountable and 100% invested. This commitment creates a powerful dynamic that benefits our partners, clients, and projects.


Our leadership team decided to establish an ESOP Communications Team. Its mission is to bridge employee-owners by educating, celebrating, and embracing an employee ownership culture. As we venture down this path of employee ownership, we see the impact of continuous education.


Our core purpose is to contribute to the success of our Clients and Associates, but it is equally important to have fun along the way. We work hard, and we play hard. We have a culture that supports and celebrates each other, and we recognize the impact of combining personal and company successes.

We work hard but know how to have a good time. We are a team committed to one another and enjoy experiencing shared success.