Project Performance

In my travels in Florida meeting with prospective clients, I hear continued complaints about the performance of their contractors.  I get that, it is difficult, particularly in Florida.  So what is the solution?  We have found five primary factors:

  • Over supervise on projects.  This adds to general conditions, which nobody likes, but with high risk, highly leveraged, significant capital investments, such as these, it’s cheap insurance.
  • Keep ironclad control over details—every day.  The smallest detail can derail a project.
  • Ensure every activity that needs to occur on each job’s schedule occurs each day.
  • Hire quality subcontractors and suppliers who commit the resources to do the job well.  They don’t need to be gold plated, but they may not be the cheapest.
  • Have a cooperative, team and problem-solving orientation.  Every project will have its challenges.  The key is how teams work together to solve them.

I would love to tell you we are perfect in our performance, but we are fighting the same challenges as other contractors.  But I believe that with our processes and our people we are doing better than most.

Peter Douglas, P.E.
The Douglas Company

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