Punch Lists and Technology

A lot has changed with the rise of Construction Technology (“Con-Tech”), but one thing is still the same: The end of any job is the hardest part. There’s a lot of details to manage and stakeholders to keep communication with, all while working towards a smooth transition from our construction phase to our client’s activation and lease-up phase. A huge component of this that will forever remain a part of our industry is the punch list process. Thanks to Con-Tech, we have experienced a significant increase in efficiencies in this area. Some of these include:

  • Use of cloud-based platforms that allow continual sharing and updating of information between team and contractors.
  • With the use of new features, punch items can be added on-the-fly from any smartphone or tablet, making punch lists a continuous process throughout the job, instead of one big list at the end.
  • Bar codes and phone scanners allowing quick tagging of locations for the organization.
  • Platforms that give subcontractors access to review their punch items and update the status of them or share notes with the punch list managers.
  • Auto-reminder emails keep open punch items top-of-mind for assignees.

If you haven’t experienced a project like this, you will be impressed to see how The Douglas Company uses our software platforms and mobile devices to get through punch lists quickly. Visualize a superintendent scanning a barcode on a door, creating a punch item with a few taps, then the subcontractor receiving a notification on his mobile device on the other side of the building and sending someone to complete the item in a matter of minutes. Con-Tech has made this complicated process incredibly smooth. These platforms provide a great benefit to our clients. First, they are able to get real-time updates at any time on how many punch items are open and how progress is coming along. Additionally, this process ensures that punch lists are created with great detail and items aren’t lost or left forgotten on a legal pad somewhere. Most importantly though, use of Con-Tech for punchlists ensures that the lists are done effectively and efficiently, which for The Douglas Company means turning over a quality product that meets our clients’ expectations and gets them out of the risky construction phase more quickly.

Bruce Douglas, PMP, PMI-SP, LEED AP BD+C
Senior Project Manager
The Douglas Company

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