Speed and Senior Living Construction

Unfortunately, it seems we can’t build as quickly as we used to.  There are a number of factors impacting this.  The number one culprit is lack of qualified work force.  Secondary factors are the increased complexity of senior living construction, with over the top finishes, building inspection departments that throw roadblocks in front of us, and architects who are busy, eroding the quality of drawings.

Though it’s frustrating, what we see from our competitors indicates that we are substantially better than them.  We should be.  We have all the systems in place to help us track projects and keep them moving on schedule as quickly as possible.  Some of these are as follows:

·   Project pre-planning to identify risks and opportunities to assure a smooth running project.
·   A design check process to minimize surprises and issues that slow down construction.
·   Daily manpower comparison to what’s needed for schedule goals.
·   Weekly schedule updates with attention given to what can be done to improve schedules.
·   Weekly team meetings with Vice Presidents to solve problems and eliminate roadblocks.
·   Pre-qualification of subcontractors, assuring capable subcontractors are hired to move projects along.
·   A comprehensive and effective quality control system to minimize rework that can slow down construction.

It’s not perfect – nothing in life is.  And though we are not as quick as we used to be, there is reliability through our processes that when followed allows The Douglas Company to be head and shoulders above the competition.

Peter Douglas, P.E.
The Douglas Company

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