The Next Step in the Process

If you've been following The Douglas Company process in my previous blogs, you have a schematic design and a guaranteed maximum price that fits your program and budget.  So what next? The obvious solution is to proceed with design, permits, and then start construction, but that would be a mistake.  To hit a schedule and a budget is much more complex.  The Douglas Company recommends the following:

  • First, develop a preconstruction schedule that includes everything required-design, all of the permits, financing milestones, and pricing.   Assign people responsible for this to ask so that it can be tracked in weekly conference calls.
  • Next, schedule weekly conference calls.  These are to review design questions and the project pre-construction schedule.
  • Determine the frequency of drawing check set reviews.  The design can get away from the project team if all eyes aren’t looking at the drawings to determine that they are right and economical
  • Keep...

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