The Importance of Cultural Fit

The Douglas Company’s Core Purpose is “To contribute to the success of our Clients and Associates.”  To consistently achieve our Core Purpose, our Associates must be committed to consistently live our Core Values:  “Great client relationships with high customer loyalty” are accomplished through genuine care and concern for our clients.  “Integrity and professionalism in all we do” requires a high level of personal pride and willingness to do the right things the right way.  “Keeping our commitments through proactive attention to detail and execution” is achieved through perseverance and hard work to accomplish our goals.  “Growth of our Associates and Business through learning, teamwork, and leadership” is demonstrated through our genuine care and respect for each other.

Our Associates do not live our Core Values because they are “directed to,” but rather because they are motivated from within.  It is in their DNA to focus on our Clients, to plan and execute well, and to take care of each other.  It is this culture and commitment that allows us to consistently contribute to the success of our Clients and Associates.”

Greatness requires an intense commitment. When you have a strong culture, contributing to the clients’ success becomes the #1 priority!   Every process here at The Douglas Company starts and ends with client satisfaction in mind.

This is a Culture, Not Just a Project!!

Peter Douglas, P.E.
The Douglas Company

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