What Does Continuous Improvement Mean In Construction?

It recently occurred to me how important continuous improvement is in ours or any business.  We hear about continuous improvement, but probably not frequently enough.  Continuous improvement is an attitude that must be ingrained in each of us, and in every company, in order to compete and succeed for our clients.

Continuous improvement is always striving to do better.  It’s always looking for a better solution for clients.  And it’s always looking to learn and improve for the benefit of our clients, our teammates, and ourselves.  It’s always pushing the envelope-not settling for the tried-and-true, but not taking undue risks for clients, either.

It’s a Core Value of ours.  Our clients want optimized solutions.  Their projects are significant, and we only get one chance to optimize each project, which is why continuous learning is and must continue to be an ingrained attitude at The Douglas Company.

Peter Douglas, P.E.
The Douglas Company

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