What is Right in Senior Housing?

The future of senior housing is important to The Douglas Company and its clients.  As such, statistics matter.  We receive and attempt to interpret the NIC data, which shows incremental increases in vacancies, which is a concern.  But National Real Estate Investor Magazine, a respected source, does a survey each year, which is projecting more growth in the next twelve months for senior housing.  Some of the trends quoted are as follows:
  • The number of boomers hitting retirement creating a shortage, even now.
  • Outdated facilities, in terms of what seniors want.
  • A large number of underserved markets.  For example, 30% of last year’s new supply was in seven metropolitan areas, with 12% in Dallas and Minneapolis alone.
  • Rising rents.
  • Eager buyers of stabilized properties.
  • The availability of both equity and debt capital for experienced, capable providers.
  • Relatively stable, good acquisition pricing.
Let’s hope National Real Estate Investor is right, for the sake of our clients and us.  It’s good to see positive news.
Peter Douglas, P.E.
The Douglas Company
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