COVID Construction

As our country begins to transition back to a new level of normalcy, it brings to light how fortunate we were to be able to continue to work relatively unscathed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to fulfill our core purpose to contribute to the success of our clients and associates. While there is a lot of uncertainty about what all of the long term impacts this crisis will bring, I believe that it is fair to assume there will be some changes to our industry moving forward as a result of the past few months.

The virus has brought to focus on the importance of worker health and safety on our job sites, while some of the policies are tedious, it is better to be safe than sorry. It will be important to continue practicing these policies moving forward into the future to help mitigate any future waves of COVID-19 or future infectious diseases that may occur. I am curious to see what changes to our industry will arise from this pandemic, whether it be, contracts with owners, revised OSHA standards, project design criteria, push for more offsite/modular construction, push for more US-based products, technology changes, extended construction durations, etc. Only time will tell what will ultimately change, as with most challenges our country has faced, we will adapt and overcome.  

Andrew Rahrig, LEED AP

Vice President, Construction
The Douglas Company


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