It’s Not Like It Used to Be

Have you found yourself saying “It’s just not like it used to be”? I hear this a lot lately and if I am being honest, I have said it a couple of times myself. It seems like challenges just keep on coming. First, we had the Covid lockdowns, then the lumber shortage, now inflation, and as I write this we are on the brink of the next crisis…the rail line strikes. One thing is for sure, it’s NOT how it used to be.

But that is why I love construction. It’s never the same. If I wanted to do the same thing day in and day out I would find another occupation. New challenges are what make us grow and the ones who can adapt are the ones who will succeed.

No two projects are alike. It doesn’t matter if it’s senior living, multifamily, or commercial construction. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the same building design. There will always be something different that comes up as we are in a different location, on a different piece of land, or with a different building department. Something will come up that you haven’t had to deal with before.

So how do we make it through all of these challenges? We control risk. We enter contracts that detail responsibilities and we make purchases at the appropriate time. We follow our processes. Our processes have gotten us through issues in the past and they are what will get us through any concerns in the future. We are strategic in partnering with people who share a common goal, and who are willing to work together to resolve issues to deliver a product that will make the community a better place.  

I do not know what the next great challenge will be but one thing I do know is that I am looking forward to it as we have built some great relationships with people who share the same vision and who make it fun to work together to get through the next big thing.

Brian Carter

Project Manager

The Douglas Company

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