Supply Chain Disruptions Continue

As most people have experienced in the country, certain materials are tough to come by, whether in a personal or business realm. This is not a new development, but the scale of the issue has seemingly grown, and new challenges are presented in our industry every day. Some may ask, what is driving this? One of the primary factors driving this is a lot of the raw materials that we utilize come from overseas. In an article I read the other day, a record 65 ships were sitting in the ports along the West coast waiting to be unloaded, compounding an already challenging logistics industry. This is causing a lot of uncertainty for suppliers when these raw materials will be received to produce the needed components to build our projects. In the interim, demand continues to increase, resulting in the challenges upon us today.

All of our Preconstruction and Operation teams in both offices are diligently working to stay current on the ever-evolving market to understand the impacts to our upcoming and active projects to keep our Clients and Design teams informed early to develop alternative solutions in an effort to mitigate disruptions. While it is unknown when we will get back to the good ole days of timely and predictable delivery dates, I think it’s safe to assume that this problem will continue throughout the balance of this year and into next year.

Andrew Rahrig, LEED AP

Vice President, Construction
The Douglas Company

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