The key for every company to continue to be successful is to constantly raise your company standards. Truly great companies understand the difference in what should never change, and what should be open for change.

Every high achiever who wants to be successful wakes up early, works late nights, weekends, and even holidays, but hard work by itself will not provide sustainable success. Success can be defined in thirteen (13) words “do all the crap you do not feel like doing on a daily basis”. By doing this consistently, success will be much more attainable.

Customers love consistency. It provides the true foundation of trust and that comes from having the discipline to follow processes and to constantly work at improving those processes that are being followed.

Brian McCarthy
Executive Vice President, Midwest Construction Operations
The Douglas Company


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Process in Senior Living Construction

Our new brochure is coming out and it talks about “The Power of Process”.  I believe in the process.  When service providers tell us they have processes they follow that have proven to be effective for their clients, I am more likely to buy from them.  The process gives reliability.  The process of a proven system greatly enhances the probability of success.  Great people are necessary and important, but without a proven process, can be unreliable. Some people complain about the process being a straitjacket that impedes their ability to succeed, and they are passionate about this.  I don’t believe it.  Those are the people who generally don’t succeed.  I was pleased to see and to read an article about Bill Campbell, former Chairman of the Board of Intuit and involved in many tech companies of significance.  He talked about the rigors of process and their ability to help people succeed. ...

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