The Importance of Pre-construction Schedules

Developers often think of the actual construction schedule when the word “schedule” comes to mind.  But before that, it is just as crucial that a project has a solid pre-construction schedule to even have the feasibility of breaking ground when desired.

Of course, many things go into getting to that point of starting construction. Still, when there is an understanding of the start date goal, you can back into the schedule and plot a course from where you are today and the timelines of what needs to happen to be able to hit that goal.

One of the main goals during the pre-construction phase is to assess the plans as they develop to help mitigate risks while under construction.  This requires regular communication between the owner, architect, and contractor. 

The schedule holds each member of the development team accountable for their deliverables. Owners have to make decisions on everything from HVAC systems and roofing to finishes. The contractor must provide cost and constructability input for all areas and value engineering recommendations and related cost impacts. Architects have to stay on task with progressive sets of drawings for the group and capture any changes along the way. 

So while everything about construction is planning and scheduling oriented, the importance of staying on track with the pre-construction schedule cannot be overlooked.

Don Diedrick

Director of Business Development

The Douglas Company

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