What I Enjoy About Construction

This year marks 10 years in the industry for me, which on one hand feels like 20 years, and on the other, it feels like just yesterday I was graduating college. I was recently asked “What do you enjoy about construction?” so this made me take a minute to reflect on the past 10 years.

Honestly, the day-to-day in construction is grueling. As general contractors, we are focused on keeping the project moving so we are always dealing with resolving issues. Once you solve the problem you are working on, it’s on to the next one. This process repeats really until the project is complete. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle but that is just the nature of the beast.

So to answer what I enjoy about construction, I was drawn to the process it takes and the impact it has on so many different people. The most enjoyable part of the project for me is to go back to one of the facilities after it is open and see the community we were part of creating. From the design team and developers to the army of people it takes to construct the building (subcontractors, suppliers, truck drivers, etc), to the number of residents who get to call the building home, and the number of jobs created. The amount of people impacted by just one of these projects has to be in the thousands. Multiply this across all of our projects as a company and it has a tremendous impact on a wide variety of people.

So thank you to everyone that contributes to our success and makes what we do more enjoyable.

Connor Casper

Project Manager

The Douglas Company

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