Construction Continues on the Verena at Hilliard Active Adult Cottages in Hilliard, Ohio

Holland, OH, November 17, 2023 – General Contractor, The Douglas Company, is proud to announce progress in the construction of Verena at Hilliard Cottages in Hilliard, Ohio. The $14.8 million construction project will be the company’s first with developer Green Courte Partners.

The 11 single-story cottage buildings were designed by Architect Bob Webb and have 4-6 units per building, for a grand total of 53 units. The project is located adjacent to Green Courte Partner’s existing Verena at Hilliard Luxury Independent  Living Retirement Community and is being constructed in order to complement its existing Independent Living Community as well as to provide a unique offering of Active Adult Rental Cottages where residents will enjoy spacious, well-appointed floor plans, attached garages, landscaped yards, and their own community Pickleball Court.

The newly constructed Active Adult Rental Cottages have an expected completion date of September 2024 with the first buildings available for lease in March...

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What is BIM? BIM stands for Building Information Modeling; essentially, it is a software that allows the entire project team to integrate their respective components into a 3-D model. When appropriately used it can help streamline not only the design stage of a project but also the build of a project. Some of the advantages of BIM include better visualization of spaces before they are constructed reducing the amount of changes during construction, increased coordination and clash detection which can save time and avoid costly rework, increased productivity through the utilization of prefabrication, safer projects, and ultimately a higher level of quality throughout the building. Some of the disadvantages to BIM are it can be costly and lead to additional time in the design stage of the project, as well as, finding subcontractor’s/firms that are experienced in the software can also be challenging. As our world continues to evolve through...

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First Steps In Controlling Risks in Senior Living Development

Development is risky.  There is market risk, pricing risk, weather risk, governmental risk factors and perhaps most importantly, development partner risks from team members.  Probably the first two decisions to be made by a developer are a selection of site and selecting who your service partners will be-architect with engineers and general contractor. The starting point of reducing risks in selecting sites is, of course, understanding if there is a market.  But there are other factors in site selection that impact marketability, including site configuration, visibility from the street, and type of street the site is on.  Another factor in site selection has to do with the physical attributes.  Is it zoned correctly and if so what is the approval process, what are the soils like, are utilities available and affordable, are there wetlands, what is the topography and other factors that will determine how risky and expensive it will be...

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