Our Quality Assurance Program: Breaking It Down


To many, the day-to-day activities of a construction project can seem overwhelming. General Contractors and Sub-contractors alike have many different responsibilities overlapping on a daily basis. But despite all of this hustle and bustle, the quality of the project must stay consistent and is of the utmost importance. As an industry-leading general contractor, The Douglas Company values its commitments to building state-of-the-art communities, and therefore we have created our Quality Assurance Program to ensure the quality our clients have come to expect.

Our Quality Assurance Program begins when the project is designed and budgeted and continues through the lifespan of the project. Systems within the program, such as inspections, are essential to the long-term quality of the project and go hand-in-hand with our commitment to proactive attention-to-detail and execution.

In an effort to be as proactive as possible, quality inspections are completed with each task in order to catch small issues before...

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Controlling Quality

The definition of “quality” in the construction industry does not mean goodness, luxury, or shininess. It should be defined as “conformance to requirements” such as: Project specifications

  • Project drawings
  • Industry standards
  • Code requirements
  • Shop drawings
  • Manufacturers written installation instructions
It is getting harder each year to achieve good quality results on construction projects. It requires development and adherence to processes designed to deal with an untrained workforce, poor subcontractor supervision, and inadequate construction documents. The Douglas Company has created a number of processes to specifically help eliminate non-conformance or quality problems, from occurring on our projects from start to finish. These include:
  • Detailed subcontractor prequalification, including job site visits to help assure that subcontractor has no major quality issues.
  • Preconstruction meetings to review the standards that are to be followed.
  • Pre-installation meetings prior to the start of work to review, in detail, the standards that will be followed.
  • Quality inspections for each...

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