Senior Project Design Challenges

The challenges of getting senior living projects well designed for the intended use, on budget, and on time seem to increase every year. Senior architectural design firms do not have the qualified resources in many cases, to design projects well from a constructability point or to make sure that their overall designs have been thoroughly reviewed for conflicts, errors, and omissions.

When projects are not designed well prior to construction starting, it inevitably causes schedule and budget problems for the owners. The best way to help control these three design risks, quality, budget, and schedule is to have a collaborative effort from the architect, engineers, general contractor, and owner from the start of the project. The results of this collaboration, if done well, will be a well-designed project that is on budget and the design is completed on time.

The best way to help control the design process is to have weekly design calls with the entire design team. These calls greatly enhance every team member’s accountability and the quality of the design.

Brian McCarthy
Executive Vice President, Midwest Construction Operations
The Douglas Company


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