Virtual Reality in Construction

Recently I read an interesting article regarding the implementation of virtual reality into construction. It is fascinating to think about all the changes in technology our industry has experienced throughout the past few decades, and how it continues to evolve. One of the popular trends in our industry is utilizing 3D modeling software like BIM in the design phase. It provides that added visualization element in an effort to assist with identifying clashes, as well as, providing a glance at what the end product will be.

Throughout the article, it mentioned how virtual reality will take 3D modeling one step further allowing Developers, Designers, and Contractors the ability to walk through the spaces and “feel” the spaces before they are even built. This will allow for Developers to get a better sense of what their spaces will look like beyond that of a design board, set of plans, etc., which would allow for refinements to the design prior to construction, thus reducing rework, minimizing schedule impacts and cost overruns.

It’s truly amazing how ever-changing technology is within our industry and I am looking forward to seeing what other advancements are ahead of us.

Drew Rahrig, LEED AP
Vice President, Construction
The Douglas Company

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